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Rude & Funny- Always a chuckle.

I ordered some rude gifts as a joke for friends around the office. The quality was great which means they are still being used today. Always have a little chuckle to myself.

Jake Doors / Sydney, NSW

Ease Of Ordering is Great

I have ordered quite a few profanity gifts from Shameless, always a good laugh. I usually get them sent straight to the receiver as there are no invoices or anything in the boxes. Very easy especially for friends who live inerstate.

Melissa Porter / Adelaide, SA

Profanity Pens are Awesome

The profanity pens are awesome. I have been ordering the metal ones which are very nice to write with. Everytime someone in the office has a birthday I have been looking for a design that would suit them.

Natalie Schriver / Broken Hill, NSW