In a world filled with Karens and Human Resource Reps we are here to teach everyone that it is never too late to passively aggressively tell someone to go f#@k themselves.

We are many things but we are not gonna be a dick about it.

What you see is what you get, and you best not get upset over it because we really DGAF

Birthed in the slums of Newcastle, NSW by our lame arse parent Company Giftware Direct

After growing tired of their basic shit, We decided to break free from them and branch out into the world of the giftware that is inappropriately Obnoxious and down right Rude.. They still pay our bills though so i will stop right there.

Providing the best quality products we can find and utilising our state of the art laser engravers, UV printes, sublimation printers and a lot of other cool arse machinery your order is created in record speed, It’s pretty sweet to watch if you’re into that kinda shit.

Our Gifts are not for the faint hearted, If you are already offended then i highly recommend that you kindly bugger off.

We only get worse from here.

You might be interested in checking out our Mum and Dad’s website.

Giftware Direct (

it’s not really my cup of tea.. I prefer Vodka.

Check out our range, we have it all divided up for you! An idiot should be able to operate our page, If you are an idiot you may need some help feel free to annoy the shit out of us.

We don’t Bite between Monday to Friday 8am- 4pm est

Don’t expect us to talk to you outside of those hours. We. Will. Not. Answer.

Stalk us on our socials, No nudes or stupid questions in my DM’s.